Project Repair


Dr. Jerry Cooley has been one of the most sought after hair transplant doctors in all of North America for the past two decades. He has been at the forefront of many of the most ground breaking surgical hair restoration breakthroughs in the 21st century. He has also been involved in many of the more significant medical therapy developments as well. Dr. Cooley has gained an impeccable reputation as a surgeon and medical researcher in the field of dermatology and male and female related hair loss issues. This has lead to Dr. Cooley producing some of the best hair transplant results in the industry.

As a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner doctor, Dr. Cooley is proud to announce his participation in the first ever hair transplant pro bono program known as Project Repair. Joe Tillman, who is known online as the original Hair Transplant Mentor™, developed this unique pro bono program with the intention of helping hair transplant patients that have had unsuccessful hair restoration surgery in the past. These are surgeries that failed to deliver the expected hair transplant result. The consequences of these failed hair restoration procedures has lead to an unpleasant cosmetic appearance, which can include unnatural hair graft placement, a “pluggy” appearance in the hairline with unnatural hair direction and angle, or cosmetically unacceptable scarring. Many times such hair restoration failures can include all of the problems above.

Joe Tillman developed Project Repair because he too was once the recipient of two unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries. He eventually found help and received multiple hair transplant procedures to restore a natural result.

“Being in the fortunate position of working with multiple excellent hair transplant surgeons worldwide, including Dr. Jerry Cooley, I can now organize an effort to give back to the hair transplant community. I call this effort Project Repair. Many men and women spend thousands of dollars to have a hair transplant and when the result turns out badly they cannot afford to have a safe hair transplant repair procedure. Now, with Project Repair, they can get the help they need and from doctors that are among the best in the world. ” – Joe Tillman

Project Repair is designed to help patients reverse the damage from previous hair transplant procedures that have left an unnatural appearance. If hair was placed that looks unnatural, it will be removed for transplant reversal or it will be camouflaged. If there is excessive donor scarring it too will be removed or camouflaged. The options are varied and it is all performed at no cost to the patient. Patients are responsible for their travel, accommodations, and meals but all fees associated with surgery covered by the Project Repair participating doctor.

Sometimes being a hair transplant repair patient means that multiple surgeries are necessary to achieve a natural appearance. That is why each Project Repair participating doctor will accept one new case per year. By accepting one case, as opposed to one surgery, they agree that any single case may require multiple surgeries to achieve an acceptable aesthetic result.

If you are the recipient of unnatural hair restoration surgery and your financial situation prevents you from seeking the repair you need you might be a candidate for Project Repair. Contact Joe Tillman at to see if you qualify.